Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Damn the man...

Could the draft be coming back? According to Senator Chuck Hagel (sp?) of Nevada, it could be. In an interview today on, ironically, NBC's Today morning program he said Americans should "Keep their minds open about the draft." He went on to say that "Some sort of mandatory military service excluding no one should be thought about."

Well, as you can assume, I've thought about it. I don't like the idea.

Drafting civilians causes problems. It takes away, essentially, the freedon of choice. It could potentially delay the draftee's life. I am aware that not too many 18 year olds have a plan but most wander into college where they figure things out, somewhat. It disturbs me that elected officials are so overly frightened of the relatively small size of our armed forces that they feel compelled to beef it up with people who simply have not chosen to be there. America is home of free will. The draft takes this freedom away. Isn't the idea of mandatory military service practiced in far fetched countries like China? Why even think of it here?

Are we in such a dire situation where we need to have EVERYONE serve time in the military? Are we headed toward a military controlled country or world? Is there some threat lurking on the horizon which our politically powerful are aware of and are preparing for without informing the American citizens? Is our world not developed far enough where we need to train each and every American combat tactics?

I am aware that not every position in the armed forces is involved directly in combat, however, colleges provide an education which is of the student's choosing - an education in military tactics via some form of draft or mandatory military service is not of the individual's choosing. Take away the freedom to choose and we have taken a step towards a country devoid of any freedoms at all.

Maybe I feel this way because I have never served in the military. Maybe I feel this way because my cousin, who served six years in the army, never received a single dime in benefits pertaining to the G.I. bill. Maybe I feel this way because a close friend of mine has been called to active duty with his National Guard division.

I have never heard such defeat in his voice as when he called me to inform me that he had been placed on alert. He is a military guy through and through but has changed his tune since the war in Iraq started. I think he now realizes that he is headed into a battle with no forseeable end. Again, just my opinion.

He was going to be in my wedding but things will be reworked and will now have to go on without him. I just hope I get to throw him the bitchingest welcome home party when he gets back. That's when the real party starts. WHen my friend is home safely and we can get on living life without some senseless war in some country overseas who doesn't want the democracy our government is trying to force down their collective throats.

Peace out.

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