Tuesday, April 20, 2004

As I promised, much ado about nothing today. At least it will be short. It seems that I am still in the midst of wedding planning. I talked with a few friends today and was reminded of just how busy some or all of us are. The best man in my wedding explained that he works from 9-1 and 2:30-10:30 almost every day. In response to that all I could come up with was "wow". I explained that I would be comatose if I tried that.

Another friend was heading to Mankato for a concert. It was the Minnesota stop on the Campus Invasion Tour sponsored by MTV or MTV2, same thing anyhow. The attractions there were Hoobastank, Lost Prophets and Ima Robot. Not too familiar with Lost Prophets but the others are familiar to me. It would have been a great show but being in the middle of wedding planning puts the crunch on one's finances.

The third friend I sort of spoke to was in the background of my first call. He was soundly snoring away on his basement couch while I talked to the Best Man. I reminded him once he woke up that we would be visiting Saturday and that beer would be involved later in the evening.

With parts of my weekend planned, I can focus on the rest of the week - that's only two more days for me as I have Friday off. My first day off in four months. I think I will sleep in then see where the world takes me.

Stay tuned.

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