Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Aaron Sorkin is a genius

I am currently in the midst of watching a gift given to me for my birthday. I dropped not-so-subtle hints for the past six months and I finally got it. Even though the fiancee doesn't care much for it, she bought it for me anyhow. Sports Night. The entire series on 6 DVDs. Six glorious DVDs. Maybe the series was too intellectually stimulating for the late nineties when it aired. Maybe America had become too dumbeddown by the time the late nineties rolled around. Maybe it was on the wrong network. Maybe the network didn't give it a fair chance.

Whatever the reason may be, the show was cancelled after two seasons. I am happy that it made it two season, as in this day in age many series are not given that long to succeed even if they are achieveing the ever-popular "critical acclaim". This series achieved such acclaim only to be yanked from the airwaves after 45 episodes. I remember the hope, after hearing rumors of it being picked up by HBO, that new episodes would return to the airwaves. No such luck as Aaron Sorkin, the show's creator, turned his focus to The West Wing which again achieved critical acclaim and, this time, ratings for NBC. It just goes to prove that maybe this comedy was too intellectual for the people who tune in to watch comedies.

I still love the show. I do notice that its humor is dry but that to counteract that, the show has a deeper meaning. The writing is fantastic and plenty of information is available about the show on various web sites.

My suggestion is to either stay awake until the early morning hours of Monday and tune in to Comedy Central or run to your local entertainment-themed store and buy the box set. It's got plenty of material and after four episodes watched, I yearn for the late nineties before the country went to crap and there was still good TV on ABC. Both of those are foregone items from long ago.

Stay tuned.

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