Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The weather around here can change in an instant. Today turned out to be a beautiful day. It was warmer than forecasted and I even got outside to experience some of the day. I would have been able to head outside after work for some disc golf but due to my job that idea never got to see the light of day.

Where I work has been busier than it has been since I first started there over a year ago. Maybe the sales people are working harder to sell. Maybe customers are spending more. Maybe there are simply more businesses doing more advertising than a year ago. Maybe all of my co-workers are falling behind and taking a damn half of a day to complete a simple quarter page ad which rund weekly and changes weekly which takes me the whole sum of one hour to complete. Some people just aren't worthy of having the luxury of bringing home a paycheck. It sounds damn harsh but in this day in age when jobs are in short supply, maybe there is someone more deserving. The person I am speaking of is older but some of the best employees I have ever worked with are older.

My last job was a PERFECT example. This interesting fellow sat directly in front of me in the open office space on the second floor of our offices. He had a wit that could always get a laugh out of me. He was also a fiery person when crossed in the wrong manner. I witnessed both sides in my nearly five years there. I remember when he was crossed in the wrong manner one afternoon, he simply got up from his desk, walked towards his boss' office, slammed the door and began talking in a rather loud voice. Midway through his ass chewing of his boss, he had the sense to even close the blinds so as not to draw unnecessary attention to the events unfolding inside the office.

This man is a local legend to this day and I would love to sit down and have a piece of apple pie with him and talk about the state of things. I am aware that the two of us have vastly differing opinions both due to our personal beliefs and our large age difference. Maybe it is his age that has made him one of that company's most valuable employees. More often than not, age is a valuable teaching tool. Through the years we gain knowledge of not just our jobs but life in general. I know that during the time at my previous job, I gained so much work and life experience that I will use for years to come I would be lost today if I hadn't spent those years in that office.

Sometimes, however, age can be a drawback on the job. It isn't too often that you see 55 year old computer programmers or strippers. Age is definitely a factor in that last occupation. I, for one, would not want to see a 55 year old stripper at my age. That will change as I get closer to 55. Technology can be a drawback for employees who are older, too. Now I am not saying that nobody over the age of 35 can have the skills to do my job. I am saying that the speed at which the younger generation can perform it is more than the aforementioned age.

If I didn't lose anyone trying to spin my way out of lawsuits in the last paragraph, I will wrap things up here. I am not singling out the older generations, I am simply stating that if you cant keep up, maybe it's time to admit it and move on to the next thing. You may not be ready to throw in the towel, but in a job where on some days speed is the most important thing, it's a thought. I, too, could give an example of a younger co-worker of mine who has no work ethic, but that's another story. At least this person can type fast - when not chatting it up on the phone.

The happy ending to my story is that I did, in fact, get to be outside today to enjoy the waning part of the nearly 70 degree day. As I stopped for gas on the way back to my apartment, I took time to gaze up at the sky, trying to ignore the haze of pollution lingering over the river bluffs a couple of miles down the road. I also popped open the sunroof on the way to another errand as I sped between stoplights. I saw the sun set as I walked to my car in the parking lot of that particular errand. In short, I missed most of the daylight hours due to the fact that my co-workers lack work ethic. What a wonderful world. At least I am pulling in some overtime this week. Off to bed so I can try to get up early tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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