Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today is nothing more than an excerpt I stumbled upon during the course of the day. I feel as strongly as the author does, and the author beat me to writing it so I don't have to do that work now. It's already been done for me.

The following quote is from slashdot.org

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The elimination of the middle class, the widening of the gap between the lower and upper, is leading this country (hell, the whole WORLD) down the path of a Gibson novel.

Walk out on the streets and you're immediately swamped with technological "have-nots", and yet every company worth its salt has a web site. Why do they bother? Because the technological "haves" have the cash and everyone wants a piece of that as-yet-to-be-properly-exploited market.

The gov't is trying desperately to curb the flow of technology from its military and other R&D efforts into the hands of the people, hiding behind "national security". Strong encryption, while a pain in the ass to use, is an essential component of the new era of digital privacy that we have yet to see. Big Brother is watching you.

There's a war on. A war against the lower class. Don't let them get out of place. Don't let them rise up. Keep them down any way you can. If that means locking them up in jail, so be it. It's really easy, these days, to masquerade a new Mandatory Minimum Sentancing bill as "tough on crime", when all it is, really, is "tough on minorities".

Destroy the middle class at all costs, push them into places where they can be rounded up and branded "lower". Tax the hell out of property owners. Tax the hell out of the working stiffs. Make technology so difficult and expensive to acquire that the average person couldn't possibly start developing his own. \line\line Take away the choices. Too many choices lead to unpredictable behavior. Empowering people leads to people holding the power. Can't have that bullshit, we have a country to run. We have lives to steamroller over. There's a war on!

The only choice you have these days is who you're going to let exploit you. Nah, you don't even have that choice. You can pick what industry is going to exploit you, and then you get to sell yourself out to a company in that industry. That is, if you're willing to lower yourself to the point of pissing in a cup first. What, you expect to be trusted? You expect to be valued on your own merits? Bullshit.

Once you've decided how you're going to be exploited, you get the supreme honor of handing over half or more of what you earn, to pay for something that's not guaranteed to be delivered on time or at all. Worse still, you pay the salaries of the very same people who created this mess.

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