Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Today I will revisit some of yesterday because the events of today were rather lackluster.

Genital Oragami

It is rather surprising to turn the radio on to the area's all-sports talk radio station for a brief second and hear the host and the producer discussing the art of Genital Oragami. The local tie-in was that the group of performers is visiting the twin cities soon and the fill-in host on this particular station was going to attend the upcoming show. Apparently there are a number of forms which can be shaped, the most difficult being the Wristwatch and the Eiffel Tower. The show is being held at the Mixed Blood Theatre if you feel the need to check things out. It sounds interesting - in a rather disturbing way, though. I suppose if I came across some free tickets, I would be sitting right there in the audience watching some puppetry. Leave the kids at home though.


On my way home after leaving work, I stopped off to take care of some errands. I was running low on a few things back in the sticks and thought to minimize driving during these times of ever-increasing gas prices, I would kill two birds with the proverbial one stone. I wandered through the small but growing crowd of shoppers to the magazines. I scoped out the area for an issue of Mac World but apparently Target Corp. could give a rat's ass about the electronically elite among the population. Pffft. I instead turned my focus to the music magazines which I subscribe to. I was a bit perturbed when I noticed I had NEITHER of these on my coffee table waiting to be read. After calling one today, they informed me that my subscription had expired. The other is a mystery to me but may be explained by the recent necessary move from a few weeks back. Anyhow, tonight's first task was feverishly changing the address on anything I could think of that arrives by mail. Now all I have to do is get the key for my new mailbox and all will be well. I hope.

Back to the necessities. I really had none to buy but today's trip was to treat myself. The treat today, being it was Tuesday yesterday, (and you should all know what that means) was to buy something brand-spanking new. Now, I am well aware that most everything in nearly any store is brand-spanking new but I am talking FRESH to the shelves. First day the public can get their grubby little hands on it. That's right - A DVD! Not just any DVD. A new release of course. But not just any run-of-the-mill release. It was one of the best in my opinion to have been released in the past year. I, of course, saw it in the theater and it was STELLAR. The star is a GENIUS. He is so far above the competition it is absurd to even try to match his talent. By now, you have to know who I am speaking of... Got your guess written down??? Ok, the answer is JACK BLACK! Yeah, THAT Jack Black. The co-founder of a certain band who I will not name but let you discover if you already aren't enthralled with their musical genius already.

The rest of the day was comparable to today, so I won't bore you. However, tomorrow promises more excitement as I possibly visit a grocery store. My naughty parts are tingling already. It'll be fun to travel along with me during that adventure.

Stay tuned.