Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Talk Radio...

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 31, 2004) marks the first day on the air of the liberal talk network named Air America. Critics say that the network will face an uphill battle due to many facts. The first being that affiliates are required to air the entire day's worth of programming rather than just select shows outside of the morning and afternoon drives. The second is that those damn conservatives rike Rush & Hannity already have the national talk market cornered. Will people listen? I sure hope so because in my mind, the future depends on it. The O'Franken Factor from 11 AM-2 PM can be heard locally (for the time being) on WMNN 1330. That will likely last a short time as the station was bought by some group of Catholic broadcasters who feel the need to broadcast MORE religion in the Twin Cities. They already have their network on two metro stations, why a third?

Conservatives have had their reign of the airwaves for over a decade, it is the time for a new voice. The voice of the people. The voice of the liberals. Air America will definitely take time to gain some steam but with the right approach, they will survive.

More Freedoms Slipping Away...

A quick glance at the headlines this morning alerted me to yet another "freedom" that our government is attempting to steal from Americans. The debate over peer to peer file sharing first gained national attention WAAAY back in 2000 and 2001. Shawn Fanning's Napster made waves as a centralized network where computer users could freely swap music files which they had on their computers. The RIAA, under pressure from recording artists, led the charge to shut down this service. At first certain artists were banned from being traded but soon the network was forced to shut down under the mounting legal costs from the seemingly never ending court battles over his technology.

As soon as Napster was gone, its alienated users moved to a host of other file sharing programs. I will be honest in saying that I have tried a number of them such as Limewire (for A Mac), WinMX, Kazaa, Morpheus and IMesh to name a few. None of these will ever measure up to the ease of use and speed of Napster.

The debate raging now is over content being shared such as music and now movies, television shows and a wide range of adult content (We'll call it porn for short). The government is trying to make it sound like these applications are not only leading to loss of profits by movie and music companies but are contributing to a rise in pornography and in turn, child pornography. I agree that any rise beyond ZERO in child pornography is unacceptable but if the government thinks that stopping ALL types of file sharing will ever happen, they are sorely mistaken. The only solution is to shut down the internet as a whole. All of the same content must surely exist on the vastness of the internet. I see no way of shutting down the internet in today's world. It is used by nearly any business and where I work is no different. Which is easier, shuffling through hundreds of pages blindly looking for that perfect piece of artwork or typing in a keyword on one of our three subscribed art services' web sites and viewing handy thumbnails of the art - downloadable at the click of a mouse.

Our world would grind to a halt for quite some time if steps were taken this far.

Star Wars Time...

The release of the third prequel in the Star Wars saga is nearly a year away but fanatics are out there posting tidbits from the filming anywhere on the internet they can. Much of the content is found quite quickly and Lucas Films (Owners of the Star Wars saga) demand it to be removed and it promptly is.

I did find a supposed leaked script for Episode Three today. It is the worst fake item I have ever seen. Parts are somewhat believable but certain lines read like a story out of The Onion. The exception is that The Onion is funny.

I just poked around the rest of the website this item is on and what a bunch of crap. It looks like some half-assed attempt at humor but they quickly gave up and just posted large amounts of CRAP.

Don't be disappointed, though. You can still get your Star Wars fix, at least for the original three films, this September. The collection of the original three movies on DVD will likely be a big seller as new fans and old alike make the logical switch to DVD. Pre-order it now!

Maybe tomorrow I will wrap up some delayed details of the weekend. After all, it's creeping towards next weekend already.

Stay tuned.

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