Monday, March 15, 2004

The real story of the weekend was an early treat. A St. patrick's Day celebration in a small town on the southern fringes of the Twin Cities. All of the familiar elements were there. Green beads, shamrocks, cheesy looking green hats, drunken people in the streets professing their Irish heritage for one day out of the year. And bagpipes.

It has to be one hell of an event for the Twin Cities Metro Pipe Band to show up. They played in each of the city's bars, leading the partiers from bar to bar through the streets despite the cold weather. I was impressed with how good the Metro Pipe Band sounded this year. Maybe the cold air is good for the performance of bagpipes or the cold air just made things sound crisper. Whatever it was, they were fantastic. The last song they played that I heard up close was a great rendition of Amazing Grace. Not particularly an Irish tune but it sounded amazing when all of the bagpipers joined the one soloist.

Quite the scene in such a small town. It makes me think back to what my ancestors must have enjoyed in some part back in Ireland. And, yes, I know that bagpipes are more of a Scottish tradition.

Tomorrow will be more in-depth. I promise.

Stay tuned.

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