Sunday, March 28, 2004

A random blathering, but I'll keep it short...

I hope that after the past week's events politically that George W. Bush fries. He sure looks like he is going to have his people do one hell of alot of spinning and political mudslinging to dig themselves out of the lies which have been uncovered in the past week after Richard Clarke's 60 minutes interview on CBS just a week ago.

The questioning of this gentleman began in earnest and his facts are checking out to be quite credible. What a surprise. A Washintgot insider who actually tells the truth. The best part is that he is doing this out of his need to have a clear conscious. He wants to tell the truth and is doing just that. Amazing.

What's even more amazing is this quote...
"A former FBI translator told the 9/11 commission that the bureau had detailed information well before Sept. 11, 2001, that terrorists were likely to attack the U.S. with airplanes."
... which comes from an FBI wiretap translator and is being called "very credible" by Iowa senator Chuck Grassley.

I really would like to think that the American people are waking up to see what type of human being Bush really is but deep down, not too far below the surface, I wonder what horrible type of action Bush will allow to happen next. Or even worse, what he will have the military do to the people of America just so he can remain in power. I heard just theis past Friday from one noo-time talk show host in the Twin Cities that he would not be shocked at all if Bush would allow something along the lines of 9/11 to happen again on our soil simply so that Bush could declare marshall law and cancel the November elections "while the country regains its footing" only to remain in power for the foreseeable future and call himself the greatest "war president" ever.

It sounds far-fetched but who would have ever thought that an American president would ignore intelligence regarding the iminent danger of an attack on our soil only so he could go forward with Star Wars type programs which his father left unfinished due to his early exit in favor of a democratic president who improved the economy and avoided major conflicts while gathering intelligence about the attacks which happened under the watch of our current dictator. Funny how that worked.

Tomorrow's post promises to be less gloomy as I turn off the negatromiter. Stay tuned.