Sunday, March 21, 2004

A quick second post for Sunday night...

Found this one in my e-mail...

The top of the message was a graphic element which read...
From The Desk of Richard Gephardt

(Dick Gephardt was a democratic presidential candidate earlier this year but dropped out of the race after a poor showing in the first caucus state - Iowa. He is currently or at least has been a senator from the great state of Missouri.)

am writing to join the chorus of Democratic leaders who have asked you to make John Kerry's $10 Million in 10 Days campaign a success.

In looking at the George Bush presidency, it's easy to see why it took a Supreme Court vote to get him into our Oval Office. He's been a miserable failure.

George Bush has the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover. He promised his tax cuts for his wealthy friends would somehow create 4 million jobs -- we've lost 3 million. His fiscal policies have resulted in enormous state deficits. George Bush doesn't just leave children behind, he leaves them in the dust.

John Kerry has a comprehensive plan to create good jobs. A tax credit to spark manufacturing jobs at home. A plan to make loans easier for small businesses to obtain. An energy plan that will create jobs and help businesses cut costs. And John will stand up to powerful special interests to fulfill Harry Truman's dream of guaranteed health care for all Americans.

But before President Kerry can stand and fight for us, we need to stand and fight for him. It is critical that we stop Bush's smear machine dead in its tracks before it gains any momentum. We can't allow the Bush-Cheney lies to spread unchecked.

We need to win the White House. It's that simple. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Let's show George Bush that we will not back down from this fight -- not today, not tomorrow, and not when John Kerry's our President. Together, we'll win.

Please join me now with a contribution.


I agree with this statement and that is the reason I am putting it here for hopefully two or more eyes to see. So bust out your (Insert Bank Name Here) Debit Card and give ten dollars to get this man in office. After all, my whole system on voting this year is Anyone But Bush and what do you know, Kerry is the man who fits my profile - after all, how could he do any worse...

Stay tuned.

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