Monday, March 29, 2004

A quick rant...

I meant to write this on Friday but was entirely WIPED after working a week's worth of longer than usual days so I postponed this overly-interesting balthering until today. You are all soooo lucky.

On Friday afternoon's Common Man with Dan Cole progrum on the local evil-owned sports radio behemoth, a caller chimed in during the political discussion with his take on things. The caller stated "As long as you don't have sex with an intern, you can screw the whole country."

Towards the end of the show on Friday, I was beginning to realize something. I was beginning to get the feeling that the tide is turning. Maybe it is just my hopeful optimism but I can see it and so could the show's host. The words that come to my mind is that the general consensus is beginning to turn to the point of view that the war in Iraq was waged due to the fact that Hussein seemed more capturable that Bin Laden. Hussein was a recognizable target that our country had tried to capture before and seemed to be the common enemy as 7 out of 10 people thought Iraq had a direct link to the 9/11 attacks. Bush saw this as THE opportunity to secure another four years in office very early on and went ahead with his invasion with nothing more than shaky intelligence to support his accusations.

For all of these actions, I for one would enjoy seeing Bush and members of his cabinet who supplied and relied on this intelligence hang for their crimes. I know that publishing this is more than likely in great violation of The Patriot Act but I'll take my chances. After all, it wouldn't be the first public hanging - especially in Minnesota.

What a weekend...

The weekend began with temperatures rocketing towards 70 degrees as I left work late Friday afternoon on my journey back to the home base. I wanted to be outside after work but I was physically exhausted. So exhausted that I had no desire to prepare some elaborate meal. As my lady-friend expressed interest of buying sandals, I decided that we should do just that... find her some sandals. She suggested a particular store where shoes are readily available, but I said there's one of those in the mall, rather than heading back to the city which I had just left after a long week of working in said city.

After locating the store in the mall, she browsed. She browsed ALOT. It must have been about thirty minutes of browsing. While she did that I did various things. I first looked at shoes for myself. Then sandals for myself. Then helped her locate sandals for herself. Then I watched her purse. It did nothing too interesting. I was hoping for some tricks from it but no such luck.

After quite some time of her looking for a first pair and finding a suitable one, we decided it would be a waste to leave with only one pair when they were runninng abuy one, get one 1/2 off sale. I quickly decided that my raggedy shoes which I feel have AT LEAST two more years left in them were ripe candidates for at least a supplemental teammate. A backup player of sorts. Ten minutes later we were out the door. Either my feet have shrunk or the sizes of this particular brand are odd. I haven't wore a size 10 shoe for 6 or 7 years. We're talking early high school years here. Just late tonight I even managed to get the laces in my new shoes. A whopping $45 purchase which I still think is overpriced but if I can get 2 or 3 years of usefulness out of them, that's not a bad investment.

After this shoe ordeal it was decided that food was in order. Being Friday during Lent, our choices were rather limited so I quickly veered across many lanes of traffic to turn into the parking lot of the area's new IHOP. My first clue that the dining experience would be lackluster should have been the five-plus minutes we stood at the "Please Wait to be Seated" sign before the hostess could pull herself away from the gripping conversation she was having with other employees in the kitchen area.

Once we were seated I began to get excited. I like breakfast as long as I am not the one cooking it. I am in it more for the eating. I ordered a full liter of orange juice as the lady ordered a Coke. We soon placed our orders and I began to drool over the thought of my large, fluffy pancakes I would soon eat. The minutes passed. More minutes passed. Other people entered the restaurant. Those other people ordered and received their food. Some of those other people even paid and left. We still had no damn food. I was beginning to get visibly angry. The lady-friend could see it. I was jittery-nervous. A condition unique to myself. After 30 minutes, the waitress asked how things were. I responded with "I was wondering why the hell our damn food is taking so damn long." She responded "Someone punched the ticket and didn't make the food." And she left.

That doesn't exactly comfort me. My food is in limbo. In a world between being an order on a piece of paper and being reality on a plate in front of me, waiting to be put in its final resting place. I WANT MY EGGS AND HASH BROWNS DAMMIT! A couple of minutes later, the waitress returns, "Here are your pancakes to start." Whoopee fucking doo! I want the rest of my food! Hash brown, eggs.... and why the hell are the pancakes so fucking small??? The funny thing is that the small cakes were gone before the rest of the food materialized.

My only compensation for the food experience from hell is the fact that $5.00, yes a whopping $5.00, was deducted from the total. Like $5.00 is anything to this company. Free meal. Then I might think about returning. Until then they are on MY LIST. I can carry a grudge for quite some time. I can spread my experience around quite an area. Where is the free meal? (2 actually as I paid for mine and the lady-friend's vittles).

Tomorrow may contain more weekend details if nothing else overly interesting develops.

Stay tuned.

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