Tuesday, March 16, 2004

It is later than usual for me to be writing anything of substance on a Tuesday night. The best thing about a Tuesday night is that tomorrow is Wednesday. The middle of the week. At 12:01 PM tomorow I can officially start looking forward to the weekend. The rest of the week, all 2 1/2 days, is a slide towards the weekend. I work my ass off all day Tuesday and Wednesday and make necessary corrections for the majority of Thursday because I worked too fast on the previous two days or my ability to read the minds of arrogant sales people suffered a temporary lapse. Whatever it is, I still find myself upset at least once a day, on average, about some of the simply absurd changes I see cross my desk on a daily basis.

Now many people will simply assume that the work of a graphic artist is boring. Well, you are right, it is. But I do know when a car is going to be on sale. Ha ha to all you normals who do not have access to such valuable information. You'll be kicking yourself for buying that 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan with the 352 XD package two days too early. I saved over $1,751 dollars in rebates and discounts. Of course, the rebates go to the dealer. If they hadn't I would be pissed! The dealer earned that money. It took some Chinese worker ALOT of time to assemble all the components of that minivan and cost DaimlerChrysler huge sums of money to ship those parts to some port in California and truck them to mexico to be assembled by a Mexican factory worker making $7.55 per week. Hell, by the time they are done assembling this hodgepodge piece of crap minivan which now comes with a DVD player and 7 inch screen to keep your 2.3 kids entertained on the way to school, they have invested AT LEAST $1,000 dollars. Maybe a bit more. The end result of that $1,000 dollars in product, assembly, and shipping costs is a shiny, crappily produced mini-van with a sticker price of just under $23,000.

That's what's wrong with America. We work our asses off and save and cut corner in our lives feverishly so we can buy a god forsaken minivan with a markup of 2000%. What the hell does that say about us? Are we that well adjusted? Are we a country with money falling out of our pockets? Nope. We are a countrythat has little choice. We are accustomed to things being a certain way. We are accustomed to gas prices which have been kept artificially low in comparison to other parts of the world to allow American car makers to continue to produce cars containing the same engines which were around in Henry Ford's first Model A. And all that with about the same gas mileage. That is the problem with America. We are a country with horrible deficiencies in the differences between income and the cost of products.

I did a small bit of investigating yesterday. It was some sort of housing mortgage affordability calculator. I figured in my current income and my fiancee's income to see if we will live in a house or a two room refrigerator box. Entered numbers. Entered expenses. Looks like the box will be our residence.

That damn calculator says we will be able to afford approximately a $104,700 mortgage. That wouldn't buy a LOT much less a house to sit on the lot. What the hell good is a mortgage for $104,700? I might as well move back closer to my parents and screw having a career where I cannot make enough money to afford to both eat AND buy a house. The thought crosses my mind. After all, I am only making $2.00 dollars more per hour and the price of a house is twice the cost from my home town. It's a thought. Can never tell what might happen.

Stay tuned.

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