Thursday, March 11, 2004

I have two words for you. The first word is MODEST. The definition I came across describes modest simply as a moderate estimation of one's talents. The second word is MOUSE. The definition I can think of without the aid of a disctionary is "a gray or white rodent". The likely definition which applies here is "A cowardly or timide person". When those two words are placed next to each other, they spell out MODEST MOUSE. Most people thing that is simply two words placed next to each other for no reason other than to amuse someone. If you think that, it's cool with me. For about five seconds until I scream out "Get with the program, you ignoramus." After collecting myself from such a rare outburst, I will explain it for you.

Ok, all calm now... Modest Mouse is a band. More specifically a three-piece. I have done very little research to write today's info for you but I can assure you, that after hearing only one of their songs, they are great. Having been around since 1993 will do that. They have worked their way up and are now getting some recognition but not enough recognition to be consideed "popular" By popular I mean that you can turn on any 'alternative' radio station and hear them as the flavor of the week only to get played every two hours for two weeks and then tossed to the curb, never to be heard from again. This fan site I found gives a bit more information that the previous link which goes to the record company's Modest Mouse site. I particularly like the fan site because of the other messages you will find both above and below the band's information.

I encourage people to get out there, especially if you have a computer with a decent-speed internet connection, and discover the music. I know not everyone has a sizeable block of free-time to do this but the results will be worth it. I am convinced that if you do not hear the music somewhere, it won't be heard. That may sound dumb but eventually if people aren't hearing a variety of music, they will simply succumb to what is fed daily through your choice of local radio stations. If you take the time to compare the playlists of three stations in the same format, you will notice that the songs played are nearly identical. I check a few stations' playlists periodically to see what isn't on the radio in the frozen north and make an effort to find and listen to these particular tracks. If I particularly like one or more of the artists I discover, I make the effort to find more of their material. Yea, I download but I also buy if I deem it to be of a degree of quality. Most of the crap fed to us on our local radio stations will never find its way into ANY CD player of mine.

In short, it takes work to find what you like. It makes me grin, even. I have a certain sense of accomplishment about me. I recently parked a wide grin on my face when the local alternative station began playing one of these tracks - which they deemed as MORE NEW MUSIC. The track which I am speaking of is MAPS by the YEAH YEAH YEAHS. I dug back and found that this particular track landed on a CD in my collection as far back as August 2003. A co-worker brought her newly purchased CD of said band (titled Fever to Tell) and I gave the whole thing a listen. In my opinion, they have a definitive sound but the 33 minute, 11 track disc sounds a bit too much like a five year old on a sugar high. The standout songs are of course MAPS but Y CONTROL was a pleasant surprise, too. A bit of a change from the relative monotony and sameness as the remaining nine tracks but still familiar sounding enough so you can tell which band it belongs to. It was definitely worth the price of under ten dollars. That's less than a buck per track and with two solid tracks, it is worth the trouble of buying.

After all, two solid tracks is one more than 90 percent of the CDs which have been released in the past decade. Seek and ye shall find. Good music, that is.

Stay tuned.

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