Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I am not sure if I am entirely pissed off or 100% at peace with most everything. On the angry side of things there is the fact that gas prices went up. This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves as of late. The prices had seemed to be stable at the relatively low price (in the past 9 months) at around $1.50 per gallon. I pulled onto the highway on my way to work this morning and immediately notices the humongous sign a block away with the gawdy price of, get this, $1.63 per gallon. A relatively moderate increase for an overnight rate hike which seems to occur approximately every ten days.

As I rounded the corner through the next-to-the-last stoplight on my way to work in another town, I almost drove through the bushes in front of this particular gas station as I saw a price of $1.79 per gallon. What the fuck was this all about??? That's simple math telling me that there is a sixteen cent difference between towns. Towns which share a border. They are literally right next to each other. How in the hell can a difference of 16 cents be justified? Better yet, how in the hell can a 29 cent overnight price hike be justified?

An ignorant person might think that we had just been invaded by a race of aliens which fed exclusively on petroleum products. That person would, of course, be 100% wrong. Unless I missed something in the past 24 hours we are at no danger of being invaded my the petro-aliens from planet 10W-30.

The real answer is that we are at the mercy of some terrible companies. Sure, they don't have a monopoly - there IS competition between oil companies. To a point there is competition. There are different names in the marketplace but they all sell the same thing. The problem is that we don't have a choice in waht powers our vehicles. It would be great that if gasoline prices got too far out of control we could just flip a switch on the dash of our vehicles and in seconds be running our vehicle on solar power or cow crap. (Hey, it COULD happen). We have choices of energy to heat our homes, why not to power our cars, trucks, semis, lawn mowers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, etc...???

Ok, so we have established that we are essentially at the power of a virtual monopoly. It is not beyond reason to assume that the oil companies agree when and how much the price of a gallon of gas is going to increase. What needs to be done is to scale back our dependance on their products. That is a lofty goal. It could take decades. The only problem is that we have a man running our country (as a figurehead) who is receiving kickbacks from oil companies on a regular basis. Another problem is that we probably don't have decades. If we continue to rely on a fuel whose supply is decreasing at an alarming rate due to our increased use of it, we'll all be FUCKED in about 25 years. That might sound like forever but it was only 25 years ago that I was born. In all reality, it is just around the corner in relation to the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that we have been an industrialized world using petroleum anly a fraction of the amount of time that dinosaurs roamed the earth. Dinosaurs were along many times longer than humans have been - even if you include pre-historic times.

One solution... vote out our current leader and hope for better with our new Democratic president. Interesting, a Democrat that will bring back DEMOCRACY. What a novel idea.

Stay tuned.

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