Thursday, March 18, 2004

Can it be done? Has it ever been done? Today I attempt the impossible. I write this whole mess of crap in approximately 7 minutes. It would be much easier to achieve such a feat if I had a single thought running through my mind. I guess I'll wing it today.

Somehow this afternoon during the course of a conversation a work, I stumbled on to the story about how whenever I go someplace to eat with nearly anybody, I am in the middle of the weirdest part of an already weird story. For example... "So there he was covered in pudding"... Waiter approaches without me noticing and cleaning up the subject matter with an odd look on his face to ask "Is everything tasting alright?" I stop mid sentence to offer the simplest answer I can "Yes".

I know I am not the only person in the World that this happens to but I find it troubling that I am nearly always in the middle of one hell of a weird story when this happens. Maybe ijust enjoy sharing the oddities of my experiences over a great meal... "So he ended up walking into the gas station wearing nothing but a pair of women's panties" "Yes, I would like a refill."

Why me? It doesn't embarrass me because apparently I have no shame. Just last weekend after being at a local St. patrick's Day celebration, I noticed at 11:35 PM that my zipper had migrated to the fully open position. I felt the need to point this out to those who were with me at the time. I am just that way.

Seven minutes is up. I'll put more time into things tomorrow.

Stay tuned.