Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Blah, blah, blah. It's that kind of day. The clouds hang low enough that if you stand on your toes, your head will be firmly planted in them. I saw on the news last night that March is the cloudiest or second-cloudiest month of the year. That's a bright outlook for the month that leads up to Spring. Wow. Can't wait to sit inside and mark the number of gray days on my calendar as I watch a depressing black and white movie about life during the depression while eating a large bowl of low-protein gruel. Almost forgot to bring a depressing non-fiction book about the Donner party and their wonderful journey to the west coast. Oh, right, alot of them didn't make it.

On happier news, this past weekend marked a trip back home for myself. It was in honor of my Mom's upcoming birthday but it was also to discuss the necessary wedding stuff with my friends and spend time with those same friends. I found out that yet another one of my friends is getting married. It seems like the 'cool' thing to do when you are from a smaller town. Find someone, get married, settle down, have a couple of kids. They all seem happy despite the month of March looming with its abundance of low, dark clouds waiting to smack you in the face like a three-mile tall gray marshmallow.

The weekend was fun. It involved drinking plenty of cheap beer while putting up with the sounds of people who had no right to be within 500 feet of a microphone. That's right, karoake night. We went to the local bowling alley in honor of fifty-cent taps for two hours. After that they went up to, gasp, ONE DOLLAR. Can I afford such extravagance? I think I can manage. We drank it up there for a few hours then decided it was on to another bar where a friend of ours works as a security guard. One problem, we were all sorta drunk. I know, I'll call my friend who just got off of work and leave him one of my patented "I'm drunk, come and take me to the next bar" sort of messages. Mission accomplished. After my three-minute rambling message, the plan was in place.

We found another ride as he was going to be a while and we were off to find more beer. Like early American settlers in search of land and gold we found what we were looking for and I pushed my way to the bar for a pitcher. Bar was packed. Got pitcher. Drank said pitcher. Next person buys next pitcher. Repeat. Left before bar closed and made our way back to a friend's house to discuss wedding stuff while completely drunk. I offered to wrestle one of my friends in the back yard. Not a bright idea seeing as he has about 100 pounds on me. Good thing his wife told him "NO".

The night was filled with dreams of shapes. Shapes which were brightly colored and three-dimensional. In my dream, I used these shapes to decorate my bedroom with. Cutting the corners off and securing them to the walls and ceiling. Drunk dreams are the best. Some of my best ideas come from those. I think at one point, I may have even been one of those shapes, probably the rhombus. It's a fun one to say.

The next morning was filled with the excitement of going out for the post-drinking breakfast. Fill body with greasy breakfast food in hopes of decreasing intense headache from drinking 50 cent taps. No luck. Still had headache. The drive home went smoothly, too. A quick 90 minute drive back to the Twin Cities with one stop to appease the decorating monster trapped within my fiancee and we were back to my humble shanty.

Oh, the wonders of a weekend. What will the rest of the week bring?

Stay tuned.

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