Sunday, March 21, 2004

As of Friday, life is good. A good friend of mine did a HUGE favor and stayed up for a few hours after his overnight job to get tickets for an amazing concert in May. THE OFFSPRING!. My second victory was another musical one. Earlier in the week, I had e-mailed the local "alternative" radio station with the suggestion that they should add Walk On by Modest Mouse to their playlist. At 11:13 AM Friday morning, they did just that and played that exact same song! That proves an important point... by being active in your world, you can change things and make a difference. I like to think that I as an important factor in that song being added to their playlist.

On another totally unrelated note... It occurred to me later Friday afternoon that I am actually more "under control" when I am with my girlfriend. If she knew that, though, she would think I am clinically insane if what she sees is classified as "under control"

Third point... I am tired. I drove 200 miles today and 100 miles yesterday. My parents made a planned visit here yesterday and I had the great honor of showing them the area. That consisted of two hours of driving. They were nearly in shock that I can tolerate living in an area like this. The insane amounts of traffic. The never ending construction of overpriced houses and 100+ acre plots of seemingly endless townhomes with each one like the one before. The fact that 20 miles out from where I live is no different than here. The fact that they counted no less than FOUR Caribou Coffees during the trip. Considering that at least half of the journey was through mostly rural areas, that is nearly vomit inducing in my opinion.

Today's journey was back home. A long-time friend of mine and his wife, also friends for a while, were having a little birthday party to celebrate their son's first birthday. During the course of that I got to see a one-year-old covered in frosting from his birthday cake, a man who was oblivious to the fact that a significant portion of his butt-crack was exposed and a good number of my friends. We have all been friends since at least the early years of high school and shared at first life in school with classes together, then life outside of school with good times together and now it seems to be headed towards life together as we all are getting married. It dawned on me just now that as we sat and talked that all of us guys which have known each other for so many years are now all either married or engaged. It makes me smile to think that we will share so many things in common as we all travel down our chosen roads in life and that we will still meet at those common crossroads as we will still share so many good times together in the future.

Tomorrow I will be sure to have another totally unrelated topic to wax poetic about.

Stay tuned.

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