Wednesday, February 04, 2004

This is going to be rather fast and rather short today. That's what happens when I get a later than usual start and have nothing in my mind to air out today.

Wednesdays are usually the low point in a week for me. It just stands to reason that way. It's the middle of the week. It also happens to be my longest day at work but that has been a rather relative term for many months now.

It all makes sense though. Two days of the work week have passed. Two are left. It is truly the middle. Last weekend is a distant memory and next weekend is still a little bit away. A little further than it really should be. Some other countries have a four day work week. They have citizens who are healthier and less stressed also. Other countries also give their workers more weeks, that's right - I said WEEKS, of vacation time each year. An average amount for American workers is two weeks. I am unsure if I will receive even that this year. Even with it being a busy year, very busy actually, it will be a stretch in my opinion to receive a full two weeks of paid vacation time. I need it but may have to find a way to make do without it.

Wednesday is uaually a lackluster day, too. This one was no different. After leaving work I stopped by the city's only grocery store which was packed - no surprise there. I pushed my way through the mass of slow moving shoppers. I had only two items I needed but still ended up with a total of twenty dollars. From there to my slightly snow covered car and back on the road. The road was in sight but rather tough to arrive at. Traffic was creeping towards the main thoroughfare to the city where I live. A few minutes later I arrived at the stoplight. I was frustrated when I saw a teenager cross the road who I had seen two blocks back venturing across the parking lot where I had just left. It was hopeless. I simply yelled out a few choice words and continued on my way, still disgusted that a pedestrian was making better time than I was in my motorized vehicle. Maybe I'll start riding my bike everywhere. Sure beats paying for gas and insurance and having to deal with the hassles of traffic. Maybe.

Stay tuned.

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