Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ah, so I thought I'd start y'all off with some headlines from the wide world of the wide world. (Hey, it's late for me, what were you expecting?)

If Saudi oil production does not live up to global expectations, Simmons said, 'The world is in for a nasty shock...there is no plan B.'

Clear Channel announces strict decency policy

Internet is underused compared to cable, but internet is in more homes than cable TV for first time ever.

Gay marriage ban and how it is presented by the Republicans to distract voters from the important issues in the upcoming presidential election.

I hope that the foolish, election-minded tricks the Bush is trying to pull blow up in that bastard's face. His latest trick is contemplating a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The problem with this is that, already, the majority of states have laws against gay marriages. The state I live in is one of them. Gay couples can have something called a commitment ceremony or something close to that but not an actual marriage ceremony.

I feel that it is the latest in a LONG line of tricks pulled by Bush and his cronies to buy another four years in power. I also feel that he is building himself up for an enormous disappointment. The economy is still going nowhere and even if jobs are added, it will be offset by a decrease in spending due to rising interest rates and peoples sheepishness towards spending. The people who are once again becoming employed have a number of months or even years of recovery ahead of them. These are individuals who have been unemployed for quite some time and the news headlines do not detail just what level this job creation is occuring on.

"Any jobs are good news." That sounds like a typical political statement but step into the shoes of someone who lost a high-tech job that paid $55,000 per year. The new job is 36 hours a week at the new Home Depot a couple miles from your soon-to-be-foreclosed upon house. The new job pays $9.50 per hour and because it is only 36 hours per week, you receive no vacation time or benefits. Some would see this as better than nothing which it is. The only problem is that the jobs that were lost are not going to reappear in the USA.

An additional problem stemming from the loss of millions of full-time jobs is the loss of benefits from these jobs. Health insurance, specifically, is the biggest loss. Imagine the millions of additional families who are now uninsured. Children who are going without any medical attention or less than is appropriate. The growing cost to those who are insured, too, is becoming nearly as much of a burden as being uninsured.

The loss of such vital necessities is what is slowly crumbling our once-strong country. The forcing-upon of additional laws. The slow but steady loss of freedoms written in the constitution. The bastards in D.C and the assholes who are buying them might as well wipe their collective asses with the constitution. Suddenly, the oppression in Cuba or the seemingly bizarre rule of other countries looks fairly attractive. Keep it up and you will soon have a USA full of poor, oppressed and sick Americans who are at the mercy of the rich, powerful and elite both here and from around the globe.

Maybe that is their plan. Eliminate the majority and have an entire country for themselves and keep a select few as slaves to provide for them and their families. It's a scary thought but look at who is in power now. The rich. The "elite". The powerful. It may be more true than we would like to think. Do your part this November and vote. Vote your heart. Vote for who you think can change the direction of our country and the World. Stop the corruption and take action.

It can work and needs to happen.

Stay tuned.


Just heard that FRANCE wants to indict Cheney on fraud charges. Once again, that just proves that France is a true friend to the people of America. Apparently large sums of money were funneled through Haliburton (Who'd a thunk that, huh?), which Cheney holds a large amount of stock in, to Cheney. The apparent sum totaled over $180 million dollars.

This just increases the rumors that Cheney may step down as V.P. before the November elections.

Stay tuned.

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