Thursday, January 29, 2004

Thank God it's Thursday and the week is almost over. I may have lost my last shred of sanity, too, if it wasn't National Kazoo Day to boot. While watching a commercial tonight during what turned out to be, surprise surprise, a couple of repeats during the seven o'clock hour on the local NBC station I saw one of the most informative commercials yet. It was to inform me that Scrubs was actually still on the air.

I had been worried since The Apprentice was being bounced around to what seemed like a different time slot each week as they tried to find a home that never should have been in the first place. I can almost imagine the conversation in the offices of NBC at 30 Rock in New York City.

"I have an idea that's many years overdue"

"I'm listening and you're on the clock"

"The Donald."

"I'm still listening"

"A reality show about him"

"Let's do it - and put it on Thursday. We haven't lost that time slot to anyone yet. How can we lose?!?"

They can lose plenty. Apparently, according to the commercial which I mentioned, the likely replacement and next stronghold of NBC's Thursday night schedule is Scrubs. I just discovered this show this year and it hasn't disappointed yet. It has now moved to Tuesdays at 8:30 PM CT. At least it's still on but I like it on Thursdays and it will be hard to follow it to Tuesday. Habits are hard to break and I feel that NBC is just out to screw the fans of decent shows. The same thing happened to Good Morning Miami during last season and this year the show was retooled and juggled between a few different nights. I don't even know or care much if this show is still on.

It seems that everyone is in the search of perfection and TV executives are no different. Like a kid arranging his or her toys on a shelf, perfection is just a couple of moves away. It happens everywhere you look and TV is the perfect example. It seems that every week a show is off the schedule in favor of some new reality show. A genre that has been getting on my nerves since immediately after the first installment of Survivor on CBS many years ago.

At least Survivor has some exotic location in its favor but Trump, he's in the big apple. How exotic! Trump just doesn't catch my interest. Oh, look, an hour about a rich man and a bunch of people competing in stupid antics to earn a job for this overly obnoxious piece of crap. No thanks. Can I watch another rerum of something from the 90's? PLEASE!

I hope things change soon and the excess of reality shows leads back to some normalcy.

Stay tuned.

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