Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Nectar of the gods. A very descriptive phrase but what does it mean? If someone was extremely interested, they could find a definition online somewhere but today is my turn to define it. Today, early in the morning, at work it came to me. It resides in a can and I had conveniently packed it for my trip to work today. It came in the form of Pepsi One. A refreshing change from standard colas. I bought it for two reasons. The first being that it was on sale and the second reason is that I already have a liking for it. It is the kind of beverage that I could handle drinking on a daily basis. Best of all, for diet watchers at least, is that is only one calorie per can. It has been a sort of success for Pepsi. Considering their other new product launches of recent history, this is a glaring success.

How many people remember Crystal Pepsi? A clear cola. Needless to say, for some reason, it flopped. Next up, after recovering from the shame of Crystal Pepsi, they launched what I am talking about today - Pepsi One. It is a different flavor than diet and it has been reather successful, especially since it is still on the shelves. The next shame of Pepsi was Pepsi Blue. Being daring, I bought a bottle not long after it came out. It took me two days to finish it and it isn't because I was savoring the flavor. It, in one word, was terrible. It gave me a horrid case of gut rot. I had indigestion and heartburn for a couple of days. And it made me even more mad that I had actually PAID for this discomfort.

Next up was retaliation to Coke's launch of a vanilla flavored cola. A sort of throwback to the days of yore. Pepsi Vanilla they called it. Just think of the millions some creative genius gets for creating such a wonderous product name. Since the launch of this one, I have had but one bottle and only beause it was fifty cents at the local, now closed, grocery store. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't bad at all but it doesn't measure up to Vanilla Coke in my book. I will gladly, any day of the week, take Coke over Pepsi with the one exception of Pepsi One.

Maybe my fondness for Coke goes back to its roots. The fact that it actually contained a small amount of cocaine. It must have helped to increase sales. Add a highly addictive drug and watch the money roll in. What a marketing plan. Of course that ingredient has long been eliminated but their success still rolls on. I noticed just yesterday while working on one particular advertisement that Subway stores have agreed to serve Coke products, they had been affiliated with Pepsi but maybe Pepsi is focusing more on the restaurants they already have a large steak in such as KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Think about that each time you order a chalupa. Who's the bitch now?

One clue, the consumer.

Stay tuned.

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