Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I think back every now and then to trips of days past with my parents. There was always one place which I found odd. I found it odd as far back as I can remember noticing this particular place. It is home to something odd. No, nothing like a man with one eye (aka a Cyclops) but it can be just as confusing to a child. Come to think of it. It was still a bit confusing to me when I saw it again on a trip home about two weeks ago.

To witness this oddity, I encourage a trip down U.S highway 218 from Owatonna, MN south. It is only about ten miles south of Owatonna, MN and is located in the village of Bixby, MN, which is the second village you will pass through on your southward journey. It is worth the drive if you are in the southeastern corner of Minnesota but a waste of a drive for most not near this location.

What you will see here is more confusing than appaling or revolting. It is a collection of bowling balls lining the ditch in front of their house. How they got there is anyone's guess. My guess is that the owner put the rods in the ground and affixed the bowling balls to the top of said rods. Maybe this individual had an excess of bowling balls in the basement and needed room for something else. Maybe they were discarded by passing motorists much like drinking straw wrappers. Maybe this person just wanted to display their immense collection of bowling balls to show how truly disturbed they are. It's anyone's guess at this point. All I know is that American's will collect nearly anything. I found a website that proves it.

This website proves that I am right. Americans will collect almost anything. Odd collections abound as the links are clicked. Take, for instance, The Museum of Odd Socks. One look here verified my earlier thoughts. The mentally insane still don't function normally when released into the general population. Although the bottom of the page is reassuring stating that "Your Sock Could Be Here".

On a more local scale is the World's largest ball of twine located in Darwin, MN. The story behind this oddity describes that its "proud father" began in 1950 and spend four hours a day each day on this worth while project. I, myself, would never dedicate that much time to some odd collection but to get my name in a record book I might try something else. Maybe a sock collection is right up my insane alley.

Stay tuned.

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