Friday, January 30, 2004

The gig is up. The fat lady has sung and it was a high note. What does this all mean though? It means that I was found out. That's what it means. My insurance company called me today at work. That's never a good sign. Maybe my car rolled out of its parking spot and hit a young child and then spontaneously burst into flames. Nope. They had called the phone number I had listed on their records. It just happened to be my parents number. My mom talked to them and after they asked quite a few questions about me she told the truth about me living with them still. I don't and haven't lived there for 4 years or so. It's been a year since I lived in the same town.

Somehow, the happened upon the number of where I work. Damn that directory assistance always having the answers. After a twenty minute conversation with this female voice calling from Austin, MN we came to a consensus. I would add renter's insurance to my auto insurance policy and would - in the long run - actually save money. The even better news is that my insurance payments will actually continue to drop as the year goes on. A wedding has that effect I guess.

After all that fiasco, the rest of the day was rather mundane. It consisted of my co-workers eating the cookies I had made less than a day earlier. All in all over two dozen M & M cookies gone in one work day. Not overly impressive but it just goes to prove that my cooking DOES NOT kill people. Hey, I am still alive and I eat my cooking nearly every day. Not too bad if I must say so myself.

Right now, while I type today's happenings, I am searching for a great song by Ryan Adams. The name of the particular song I have come to like is "Burning Photographs". The news I hear about this particular artist is that while on stage earlier this week in Dublin, I believe it was, he fell off stage (obviously somewhat tanked) and broke his hand. A hand is rather important to someone who plays guitar. Oh well, we've all done stupid stuff at some point. I just have never broken anything as important as a hand.

I might some day.

Stay tuned.

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