Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Welcome to my Blog. My name is... hold on... you weren't expecting everything, were you.. and over time the one or two people (stalkers) reading this will find out a bit more about me from my sporadic and rambling posts.

Let's begin at the beginning. I live in Minnesota. I have lived in Minnesota for 24 years. I am... well let's say that I am a certain number of years old. Is it cold? Yes, being that is the middle of December I would expect little more than it to be cold. And snowy. We have snow on the ground this year and with any luck it will be that ideal white Christmas. A change from last year which was brown with specks of white which was much like the year before.

Like some people, I enjoy the seasons. Oh, sure I can whine about them from time to time. "Crap, it's cold today." That's one of my favorites. Then there's the popular "It's too damn hot outside." At that time people will retreat indoors to bask in some air conditioned comfort. Or if you're like me you'll pick a nice balmy 90 degree day like the one i mentioned to take the girlfriend on a bike ride. Not just any bike ride either, we'll take on a trail we're not familiar with and ride for 10+ miles. A fun time for all.

I enjoy the outdoors when the outdoors are enjoyable and the air doesn't need to be strained and chewed. Or when the air doesn't cause large, solid chunks of snot to fall freely from your nasal cavities. Another fun time.

Remember, this is just the beginning of what may be years and years of hit and miss fun and excitement or lack thereof. Keep checking back.

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