Thursday, December 18, 2003

Thursday. Every other one of these means pay day for the employees of our company. COme to think of it, my previous job was also a Thursday pay day place. Ironic. Checks got handed out later than usual. I was getting antsy as I wanted to see the large sum of this week's check! That last sentence was sarcasm incase anyone reading this actually thought I made a remotely large sum of money. Unlikely. Maybe that's what drew me to this job just under a year ago. Unlikely. Maybe it was a drastic change. Unlikely. The job is pretty much the same as what I had done for the past four years. Maybe it was for a change of scenery. Unlikely. A person can see a strip mall and row upon row of similar houses anywhere.

I took this job here for a few different reasons. I'll catch you up on those sometime down the road. I changed jobs to advance my career. On the outside I may not look like much of a professional person but my work tells a different tale. But to further my career it became obvious that I was going to have to move. So, I found a job. After nine months of searching. Then I found a place to live. That only took two separate days to do.

Today and actually throughout my time at this new job, and I call it a job because I do not see this J-O-B turning into a career, it has become obvious that I should have asked more questions during the interview.

More to come later. Leaky ceiling directly above my desk. If you hear no more, you'll know what happened.

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