Monday, December 22, 2003

Oh joy. The fun of living in an apartment. Having to share walls. Sharing a floor which is someone else's ceiling. And a ceiling which is another person's floor. It is truly like being boxed in. Then there's the fun of doing laundry. Having to for over a dollar each time a load of laundry needs to be done. And another dollar to dry the clothes. Tonihgt really took the cake though. I went to grab my load of dry clothes from the dryer and as I pulled them out I spotted a sweater. More specifically a white sweater. That's odd, I thought, I don't own a white sweater. So I did what any decent person would who had found someone else's clothes in their own laundry. I threw said sweater against the wall. It landed in a pile of dust bunnies. I then picked it up and lobbed it in the general direction of the dryer. I am still thinking of simply taking it and holding it hostage, eventually to be given away for someone who has the common courtesy of keeping their own clothes to themselves and not sneaking it into someone else's load of laundry.

Another pet peeve is people who call and don't leave a message. It's not so bad when I actually hear my phone ring but this time I had mistakenly left it on silent. I noticed the call a couple of hours later. Not recognizing the number my mind began to wander. Hmmm, maybe I had won a sweepstakes. I could use some extra cash in lieu of the paltry raise and lack of Christmas bonus at my J-O-B. Maybe it was a job offer, a better job with more money to be made and fewer hours to be worked. It could have been someone I know that had changed numbers. Or maybe just a wrong number. Hard to tell when there's NO MESSAGE.

Tonight is a short entry as I prepare for Christmas. If you looked up Christmas in any modern dictionary it would be defined as the more traditional meanings but a new one would surely be added. "A holiday which entails many hours of driving in a short period of time to eat food, visit friends and family and exchange presents" The part that would be in bold type would be DRIVING. I will, over the coming days, log about 500 miles in three separate trips. All within the same state but still a significant number of miles. I only think about how many CDs I will need to pass the time as my girlfriend more than likely naps while I drive. I will never understand how one person can fall asleep so easily. Usually within twenty minutes. It is a rare occassion when I can do that. Maybe after a 12 hour day of hard labor including shingling a roof, biking 10 miles, washing and detailing two cars and rounding out the day by mowing a five acre lawn with a push mower. Not after twenty minutes of riding in a car though.

Better get to sorting presents. Or watching TV. Maybe taking care of my Game Cube addiction.

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