Monday, December 29, 2003

It has been a whole week since I really made an attempt to write anything. And so much has happened in that time that it might take a long time to get caught up again.

Last Tuesday was a quick dash home from work to try and arrive home before my girlfriend stopped by. I had just one place to stop off and it took entirely too long. I despise running an errand in that particular direction but it's a necessary evil. More evil than necessary... of course I am talking about Wal-Mart. Cheaply produced foreign-made goods sold in oversized stores with pallets of items nobody would ever buy stacked to the roof. Wide aisles that are cluttered by pallets of items such as back massagers and $5.96 bins of DVDs, most of which are such poor names wouldn't be seen on TV at 4 AM.

I loathe each trip to that cesspool. The vacant look of the immigrant employees. The even more vacant look of the American employees. The tales of employee abuse and mistreatment. A money grubbing company that has single-handedly nearly brought ruin to an uncountable number of America's small towns.

A trip there to buy a greeting card and an oil filter. What a waste of a drive out of my way home. That one stop cost me nearly an hour on my drive home. A drive that normally takes 15 or 20 minutes.

From there I drove home at what could be described as a snail's pace... only thing wrong with that description is that snails usually move much faster. I have never seen traffic move that slow as far out as I live from the city. Unreal.

The rest of the evening was spent running errands in preparation for Christmas. Confession... drive a few miles over the river and through the... prairie (and you thought I was going to say woods) to see a house only called "The Christmas House". Quite a sight! Watch out for the traffic and avoid it on weekends from tales I have heard from co-workers. Tuesday night wasn't too bad in my mind.

From there it was a dash back across previously stated prairie and river to my humble dwelling south of said river. The area is affectionately known by locals as "South-of-the-River". A long day capped off by watching The Late Show with David Letterman and then heading off to bed.

The next morning came and after showering and preparing in my usual way for a day like any other, it takes a turn. Wednesday as most know was Christmas Eve. That meant a trip back to my hometown about 90 miles to the south for Christmas with my parents. With that tidbit I will keep you hanging until tomorrow with a big serving of details and more fun.

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