Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ah, yes. Today is Wednesday. The middle of the week. Also my day to stay late and tie up loose ends at work. Late for me would be considered anything after 4:30. I have the luxury of basically choosing my own hours as long as I work 8 hours each day. Today was no different from any other day recently. I wake up when my alarm goes off around 7:00 AM. I hit snooze. Ten more minutes of sleep. Alarm goes off again. This time I get up. Then it's off to the shower to wake up. Oh, yeah, I also get clean in there. Continue morning routine by finding appropriate clothes for work. That means at least semi-clean jeans and a respectable shirt. Today it was a sweater.

After all was said and done with the morning routine I headed out the door and drove to work. Performed the normal duties there for approximately 8 hours. Being it is Wednesday I expected to stay at least a few minutes beyone eight hours but it has been a rather slow week so I was out the door by about 4:30. After a quick dash to the local post office I headed towards home.

Thinking about next Tuesday's exciting little pot luck at work I decided I need to find some cookie cutters. I signed up for cookies and being on a very tight budget I also decided it will be cheaper to make cookies rather than buy them. I had done some pre-shopping research on Yahoo and had actually located a real honest-to-God store with doors and everything where cookie cutters could be purchased. The store is just a short drive away. LUCKY ME! Only problem is that it is in the opposite direction of home and at 4:30 PM I really don't want to be dealing with heavy traffic to cross the Minnesota River only to deal with more heavy traffic as I get closer to said store. Maybe I'll have to head to the store but for now I can just look at the elusive selection of cookie cutters. I did however decide to stop off and investigate at the local Kohl's store. Oooh. In case you are wondering, Kohl's is alot like the JC Penney's stores I grew up with as a kid. In case you aren't familiar with JC Penney department stores Kohl's is alot like... Sears without tools. It's a department store. Not a discount store although it seems like everything is always on sale.

Behold - cookie cutters. No price on the shelf though. And they looked pretty crappy. Not much in the way of Christmas shapes which is what I am in the market for. Oh, sure, I could buy a great cookie cutter selection on-line but I need these by the weekend! Or there will be no cookies for Tuesday and that would be equal to the END OF THE WORLD. Everyone knows a productive office is fueled by the occassional pot luck dinner. And a successful pot luck dinner must have COOKIES. I will not fail my co-workers. I said I would bring cookies and cookies I will bring.

More on the cookie saga as developments unfold. For now I will find something on TV to watch being the local FOX station has Minnesota Wild hockey instead of whatever else would be on. And, no, I don't dislike the Wild. I'll explain some other time.

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