Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How far our country has sunk with Trump as president

In what was the only post I made in the past year-plus where I talked politics, I wished the United States of America's new president – Donald Trump – the best. Reflecting on his very polished victory speech where he spoke in an almost vanilla and unifying tone, I came to the realization that maybe things would work out and America would come out looking quite well in the eyes of the world.

...if he leads like he spoke during his almost vanilla acceptance speech early this morning, he will be at least a middle-of-the-road president who can at least keep America on track and remaining as the most powerful country in the world.

Oh, how things have changed rather quickly. In a short nine month span we have seen allegations – which seem to be rather true – that Russia at least meddled in, if not flat out influenced, the 2016 presidential election. Meetings between Trump, his family, his advisors and Russian officials happened. That tidbit alone should send up thousands of red flags but through Trump's continual and almost masterful way of distracting the country via his Twitter tirades, we are instead now a divided nation over NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem (which itself is utter bullshit due to the fact that NFL players didn't even come on to the field during the anthem for some games until only a few years ago.)

This summer alone we've had alt-right (Neo-Nazi) protests take place on American soil with Trump failing to stand up against their hate-speech. We've seen women's rights be stripped with employers now able to opt-out of providing birth control coverage in insurance plans on the grounds of their religious beliefs. We've seen a president who has failed to help residents of Puerto Rico and instead opted to call San Juan's mayor "nasty" and that she exhibits "poor leadership".

Rather than unite in the face of tragedy and take a stand against hate speech, Trump has instead found a way to further divide an already divided country on nearly every issue.

But that, I feel, was his goal all along. As a private businessman, he likely sees the presidency as yet another avenue to eventually profit from. Whether it's his foreign-made Make America Great Again hats or conducting foreign policy meetings at his New Jersey golf courses or his Florida resort, he is mixing government business with his private business ventures. How he is still managing to get away with his is beyond me.

His continued cries of "Fake News" are yet another issue. Whenever he disagrees with factual new reporting from a news outlet that isn't Fox News Channel, it's fake news. It's yet another tactic in dividing the country's citizens. It's not just left versus right, it's friend versus friend, neighbor versus neighbor and America versus the World.

His continued threats toward obviously insane North Korea leader Kim Jong Un could very well lead us to a short-lived nuclear war at the worst or World War III at best. Trump continually chooses divisiveness over diplomacy. He chooses divisiveness over unity. He chooses to put himself first because he knows that he and his family will ultimately reap huge profits from his time as president.

If we make it to the 2020 presidential election without starting a wide-scale war, I can only hope that Americans have opened their eyes to the fact that the man who promised to Make America Great Again spent four years tearing down years of progress so he could have even a chance to live up to his 2016 campaign slogan. A man with no previous experience in government, as we now know, has no business having the most powerful political position in the country.

To the 49% of American voters who are responsible for electing Donald Trump as America's president:  YOU WERE DUPED. You believed a man who is nothing but a divisive, pathological liar hellbent on making himself richer on the backs of people whom he doesn't give two shits about. You believed lies and became a vehicle for his hatred of minorities, women and anyone whose beliefs don't fall squarely in line with his own. The 49% of Americans who voted Trump bought a truckload of lies because they couldn't bring themselves to trust a smart and experienced woman to be president. In short, the 49% of republican voters in this country are no better than the hate-filled, racist president we are now stuck with.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Twin Cities... FROM SPACE

As the space station passed over Minnesota earlier this week, a United States astronaut tweeted a photo of the lights of the Twin Cities and portions of greater Minnesota which is particularly interesting. Hey, we've all seen satellite photos but the most striking thing about this photo is how easily you can depict the various cities which flank the metro area. Also quite visible are the various highways and a handful of natural features in the good old state of Minnesota. Inspired by Bob Collins at the Newscut blog, I took the liberty to further notate the cities, highways and features shown in this nighttime photo of Minnesota. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Looking back at 2016

When I look back at 2016 at a personal level, I am truly thankful for everything I have and what I have been able to do. Sure, I fell short of almost every goal I set forth for myself earlier this year but in terms of the big picture, I as well as my family are truly better off.

We were able to take our first true family vacation in the form of a road trip to Montana and back through Wyoming and South Dakota where we made what are hopefully countless memories for our two kids. To make that a safer trip, we bought our first brand new vehicle a few weeks before leaving for the mountains of the west. Six months later it still has hints of that much-talked-about new car smell.

We also celebrated the missus beginning a new job. Still in a management role, she was able to find a job which sparked her interests without having to take a hit in the wage department. After a staggering 12 years as a restaurant manager with a stellar track record she moved on to become production manager at an up and coming  company in the same town she has worked for the majority of her career.

The boy began his educational journey ass he began preschool in September. Barely three years old, we rolled the dice and outside of a couple hiccups in the first few days of school, he is doing surprisingly well. He knows the names of almost everyone in his class and claims those that he knows as his friends. Not bad for a kid who h as never spent a day in a traditional daycare.

The girl began second grade this year and after a few notes from the teacher regarding her need to be constantly talking, she is hitting her stride. She is reading basically a full grade level above her classmates and is billed as the top reader in her class. She is also kicking ass in the area of spelling – even without really practicing spelling any of the words the is tested on.

All told, 2016 has been pretty damn good to us even though my onion crop went to hell after being hailed on in May. I am just hoping that 2017 is even better. After all, that is the American dream...

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States

I'll be honest that I don't have a lot invested in the 2016 presidential election. I've learned as I've aged that to distance yourself a comfortable amount from politics will help to preserve your sanity and lower your blood pressure. To say that Americans had a choice in yesterday's election between two similar shit sandwiches is extreme but neither did much to excite me or to spark my emotions.

Hillary Clinton has spent her life – at least since the 1980s – in the public eye by way of being married to Bill Clinton. Beginning as Governor of Arkansas, then President of the United States and Hillary's foray into her own political career as United States Senator from New York and on to her role as Secretary of State for Barack Obama. She is the stereotypical career politician. She can promise change and progress until she's blue in the face but when you've spent your entire life focused on advancing your career, you tend to become distanced from those you claim to represent.

On the flip side in Donald Trump. He made a name for himself as a real estate tycoon and businessman who parlayed that into a relatively long career as a reality television host. The fact that throughout his campaign he claimed to represent the average Joe and Jane while the opposition dug up tales of shafting contractors and shirking employee rights screamed of the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Neither truly rose above mediocre in my eyes. Curious, as election day neared, I took some survey which supposedly would align your values with those of one of the presidential candidates. My closest choice was Jill Stein. That was the first time I had hear of Jill Stein. I'll be honest in saying that when the momentum behind Bernie Sanders was still strong, he seemed like the best choice if the goal was to have a president who truly understood the struggles and needs of the American populace.

The only problem was that the American media deemed him unworthy to face down Donald Trump. That's how the Democrats arrived at nominating Hillary Clinton as their candidate to face down Donald Trump. The only problem being that the length of time she had spent in public office, while it can definitely be viewed as valuable experience into how government functions, became her downfall. She was the establishment even though she was the first female presidential nominee in the history of the United States.

The fact that Americans, in general, are constantly fed up with politics and politicians was her undoing. It wasn't emails on a private server. It wasn't skyrocketing health insurance premiums. It was the views of half of the voting public that they had had enough of career politicians leading this country.

We can view Donald Trump as running an extremely nasty and negative campaign but, like nearly every political before him, he unearthed the dirty little secrets on his opponent which resonated with those who supported him and that message amplified organically.

If Donald Trump's time in office – whether it is four or eight years – is anything like his campaign, we are in for 48 or 96 months of turmoil and further divisiveness. However, if he leads like he spoke during his almost vanilla acceptance speech early this morning, he will be at least a middle-of-the-road president who can at least keep America on track and remaining as the most powerful country in the world.

Maybe I have mellowed, but one person does not change the course of history for better or worse. If you want to worry about something, let's realize the both the Senate and House of Representatives have a Republican majority. If there is an ultra-conservative agenda which looks to roll back the progress made in the 21st century, they'll have an extremely easy road in front of them even if Donald Trump ends up being a reasonable and decent leader. Trump may be the most powerful man in the world come January 2017 but the title of President is nothing more than a figurehead – the real power lies in congress.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Star Tribune's CJ vs. Jana Shortal

When I first caught wind of the Star Tribune's "gossip columnist" and her latest trivializing piece of lowbrow "writing", I thought it was par for the course. Then I re-read her blog entry on Jana Shortal's choice of wardrobe as Shortal reported the latest on the Jacob Wetterling case. That's when I got truly mad.

While Shortal marches to the beat of her own drum with her fashion choices, that fact does not effect how she reports stories for KARE-TV. She has been a Twin Cities television fixture for a dozen years and has done her job well in that time as evidenced by her longevity in the market. When Shortal reported Tuesday evening's update on the Wetterling case, she was dressed in what I deem to be a professional manner.

The Star Tribune blogger, likely looking for something to fill some space after a slow holiday weekend on the "gossip" scene in the Twin Cities obviously thought differently. Penning a take – a degrading one at that – on a true journalist's fashion choices has no place in what is supposedly a legitimate, large market newspaper.

Wednesday, after the brief publication of the blog piece on the Star Tribune's website, the shit truly hit the fan as social media blew up with the general take being that the blog entry was uncalled for and has no place in a legitimate newspaper – some (myself included) even going as far as calling for the blogger's resignation or her firing.

That, to me, is where things get sticky. A newspaper column is an opinion piece but rarely ventures into the attack category. To criticize a television journalist's fashion choices within the pages of a once-respected print media outlet is tacky. It screams of desperation. It shows a true lack of working one's sources to find a legitimate story. Maybe the blogger from the Star Tribune has a degree outside of journalism. Maybe she doesn't have a college degree at all. Either is fine but writing such a degrading and trivial piece of observational television watching is truly bottom of the barrel blogging.

Minnesota deserves better blogging than that which the Star Tribune pays that particular blogger for. The apology issued by the Star Tribune's editors is a cute little attempt at back-pedaling but the simple fact that an editor approved the blog entry in the first place shows a lapse in judgement or a lack of checks and balances.

I tweeted earlier that the Star Tribune blogger in question should be demoted or fired. Firing someone for an incident like this one may be extreme but I have seen reporters at my previous jobs fired for sending an inappropriate email to the wrong person. Hopefully this leaves a lasting impression on the blogger but given her track record, I doubt that she is even capable of apologizing.